27 May 2005

Friday nite's beer review: Kalinkin from Russia

I bought a bottle of these for $1.94 from the local "beer & wine" store here in Germantown, Maryland. The color of the glass of the bottle made me think it was dark beer, what I prefer to drink, but it wasn't dark at all. It tasted OK, though it was a bit too sweet maybe. I guess I could drink it every now and then.

It was bottled by the Stephan Razin Brewery in St.Peterburg [how they spelled it on the back label], Russia (www.razin.ru - it's almost entirely in Russian and there is no e-mail adress). I suppose the guy on the label is Stephan himself (can we call him Steve?). I haven't the slightest idea who he was, what he did. And why is there what looks like a Viking ship on the cap?



Henry said...

Good post, I too prefer dark beer. I am jealous that you even have such a beer available to you. I don't have that good of a choice here. Luckily I can get Guinness which is probably my favorite. Here is my review.


A friend who read my post sent me the following in a private e-mail, but despite my request that he post it on the blog, he wouldn't do it.

"To answer your question on the blog:

Apparently Stephan Razin was a peasant leader in the 1600's.
See web site below:

Even Shostakowich has written a piece of music about him, available at Amazon.

Why the Viking symbol? Could it have something to do with the theory that the Russian state was actually founded by the Vikings (Check the PBS web site, they had a probgram on this a few years ago.)"

miia said...

I found this link for you. Maybe It´s the same beer?
Kalinkin beer, russian poster from 1903


Funky poster. I didn't know Russian women looked like that!