07 May 2005

A snail hunting trip to Catoctin Mountain

Taking advantage of the weather mildly reminiscent of spring, I went to Cunningham Falls State Park (Frederick Co., Maryland) this afternoon with Butch Norden of Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tim Pearce of Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

We spent about 2 hours at the bottom of a steep rocky hill searching for snails and slugs. Among some of our more interesting finds were several of these snails, possibly Triodopsis juxtidens

and many of these small slugs, a species of Pallifera.

There were also small succineid snails. We found several of them attached to leaves and pieces of litter. This one was on a tulip poplar seed.

When succineids are actively moving around, they leave the impression that they are too big for their shells. But as this picture shows, they do fit into their shells when they are dormant.

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