25 May 2005

Tree hugging slugs

One rainy afternoon at the end of last April I went slugwatching in the woods near my house. Wet and warm weather brings out the native philomycid slugs that like to crawl on the wet trunks of the trees. They seemingly feed on the fungi and the microscopic algae growing on the trunks.

They were indeed there, all over the place. It was gratifying to witness their recovery, along with the trees and the other organisms, in these areas that were once covered with farm fields. They have taken back what truly belonged to them.

Even if there are no slugs visible, you can tell that they have been there from the light colored tracks they leave on the trunks of beech trees. I have seen slugs on trees 4-5 meters above the ground. What I would like to know is where they hide when it’s dry.

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sojourning crow said...

if you looked at it quick, it looks likke a stone column.

cool pic.