17 June 2005

Friday nite's beer review: Black Chocolate Stout from New York

Mmmm...chocolate. This beer, from the Brooklyn Brewery in Utica, NY, indeed has a nice chocolaty aroma. It is also very dark and slightly bitter. Overall, it has a unique, strong flavor.

Even though there is no Internet address on the label, the Brooklyn Brewery does have a Web site (who doesn't?). It's silly but you have to enter your birth date to go beyond the first page. I entered 1900 as my birth year and was granted admission. I guess they don't mind really old folks drinking beer.

According to the Web page, the chocolate flavor is obtained "through a blend of specially roasted malts". Apparently, it is brewed once a year for winter. But the page claims that it ages "very nicely for years, becoming even more complex in flavor". Maybe I will set a bottle aside.


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