10 June 2005

Friday nite's beer review: Coopers Extra Stout from down under

G'day mates,
Australia is a place that I sure hope to visit one day. In the meantime, I will satisfy myself with this beer from Coopers Brewery in South Australia (no Internet address on the label).

This is one dark brew; light doesn't go thru it, literally. And what I liked most about it was its nice strong aroma. My wife could smell it from a chair away. The back label "warns" of a sediment, a result of the brewing process, to be expected on the bottom of the bottle. After I vigorously shook the bottle and poured some into my glass, I could indeed see particulate matter floating around. It only makes the beer more unique.


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Henry said...

I've heard of it but I don't think I've ever tried it. I will be looking for a chance to give it a try.

deniz said...

can you find Kronenbourg (French beer with German name!) down there? Although that's not a dark beer... I think Carling (Manchester) might be a dark one.


I will look for it.

So many beers, so few evenings...

Anonymous said...

Website for Coopers is www.coopers.com.au

The Extra Stout is a great beer.