13 June 2005

The land snail family Enidae in Anatolia 4

The first map shows the approximate distribution range of Chondrus tournefortianus. And the second map gives the approximate ranges of the genera Ljudmilena and Buliminus.

The Ljudmilena picture is from here.

Taken together with the ranges of the genus Mastus and Multidentula ovularis presented in earlier posts, I will conclude that there are 3 elements in the Anatolian biogeography of the Enidae: north-northwestern, east-northeastern and southern.

Before proceeding further, however, a word of caution is in order here. Because of geographical range extensions or contractions that may have taken place, as has been pointed out by Losos & Glor1, we cannot assume, without additional evidence, that the ranges of these taxa at the time they originated were identical to their present day ranges.

1. Losos, J.B. & Glor, R.E. 2003. Phylogenetic comparative methods and the geography of speciation. Trends in Ecology & Evolution,18:220-227.

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