07 June 2005

Mastus of the Universe

This is the second post in the series “The land snail family Enidae in Anatolia”.

There are 3 species of Mastus in Turkey: M. carneolus, M. rossmaessleri and M. etuberculatus (above). The overall range of the genus (below) extends along the Mediterranean all the way to Spain, although it is peculiar that it is not known from France along the way. However, this map is somewhat misleading, for it colors an entire country green even if there is a single record from that country, say, from one corner. Furthermore, all the records from the western Mediterranean are for one species, M. pupa. Nevertheless, the map shows that Mastus represents a north-northwestern element in the fauna of Turkey.

This distribution map was generated by Fauna Europaea with the approximate range in Turkey added by me.

Going back to the topic of yesterday’s post, the distribution of the genus Mastus, not just in areas under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, but also further up north in areas with a continental climate, demonstrates that macroclimate does not influence the range of this genus.

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