23 July 2005

Saturday afternoon's beer (and meal) review: Tavern Ale

This is actually from last Saturday's lunch at the local Jasper's, but I just had a chance to put it up.

The draft beer I ordered, which was unimaginatively called, Tavern Ale, was actually pretty good. It was cloudy, dark golden brown with a nice strong lingering flavor. According to the waitress, it comes from Fordham Brewing Company (their address, www.fordhambrewing.com, is inoperational). The only information I could find about it was here.

My lunch choice, which you can also see in the picture, was "capellini cakes with fresh mozzarella" described in the menu as capellini "sautéed to a crispy light brown, served over spinach with fresh mozzarella and marinara sauce". This was apparently a new item in the summer menu and I was asked to comment on it afterwards. I gave it a "fair" rating and suggested that they add more spinach and use another cheese; mozzarella was too chewy and tasteless for a dish like that.


The previous beeer review was J.W. Dundee's Honey Brown.

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