19 August 2005

Friday nite's beer review: Stovepipe Porter

This beer comes from the Otter Creek Brewing Company in Vermont. It is a dark ale with a nice aroma and a light bitter after taste. According to the label it "complements any hearty meal". It certainly went well with the rather odd assortment of stuffed grape leaves, roasted red peppers, some sort of cheese (the label had been discarded), hot salsa and whole wheat crackers I had for lunch today (more on these peculiar food combinations of mine in the future).

According to the Otter Creek website this beer "tastes great with chocolate". I must try that next time. But, why is it called Stovepipe?


The previous beer review was Tavern Ale.


Dope on the Slope said...

Brooklyn Brewery makes a "Chocolate Stout" every year that has a very dark, roasted flavor that's great with heavier autumn and winter foods.

My guess is that the "stovepipe" moniker is supposed to evoke visions of toasty warm hearths, which seems appropriate for that sort of ale.


Thanks for the recommendation. I have already reviewed Chocolate Stout: http://snailstales.blogspot.com/2005/06/friday-nites-beer-review-black.html