17 August 2005

An open letter to the wise guys at the International Biographical Centre

Nicholas Law
Director General
International Biographical Centre
Cambridge, England

Dear Nicholas,
I received your letter today announcing my nomination as an "International Scientist of the Year". Me, a scientist of the year? Thank you, thank you. I am speechless. Is this an honor or what? I have a feeling I am gonna be hearing from the Nobel Committee next.

I am indeed honored to be considered worthy of this esteemed award invented by your venerable center, excuse me, centre1. And all this for practically nothing. All I have to do is send you a check for $370 (or provide you with my credit card number) in return for a lousy "pictorial testimonial" with my name and picture on it. I might even consider adding to my order an "Official Gold Gilt Medal of Excellence" for another $370. You really know how to spoil a scientist.

How can I ever thank you enough? Is there something else I can do, besides revealing my credit card number to you, to express my gratitude? But, here is an idea. Why don't you send me a check (or cash, which I'd prefer) for $400 (sorry, things are a bit more expensive on this side of the Atlantic). And I will mail to you with express mail, I promise, a full-color certificate to commemorate the nomination of your little ploy as the Most Idiotic International Scam of the Year 2005.


1. www.internationalbiographicalcentre.com


Nuthatch said...

Oh, hell, this is a good one!! I hope you frame the letter.

On second thought, I'm feeling pretty low if I can't even be picked out as scientist of the year from a local scam artist, much less an international one.


I hadn't thought of framing it. I'd better get it out of the recycling box.

Ulrich said...

Well done! Today I received my award for 2007 (impressive, since 2007 hasn't started yet) and found this page googling the award. Quite surprisingly, some poor fools out there even mention it in their CVs! There clearly is no limit to human vanity!

Anonymous said...

Im glad you have been a committed scientist....impressive...Im sure you have a CV! What about the people who do? And what about human vanity to the award of a Ph.d after years of work or Masters of Sciences in the limited framwork of extensive and very successful Cancer research or other conditions which one might not be so noticed and has only some obscure book to list painstaking accomplisment at the record of human achievement. Do you list your diploma, work time, references papers written, tens of thousands of hours in submission to the fact of getting a little notice, or does Hollywood instantly notice you and you find yourself suddenly on TV? Perhaps many papers you have written, perhaps many books and many experiments done towards a leap in success...Perhaps again few? Who will notice this? Who will boast? No expertise is shown here. Now truth in a judgement! It is trying to prove 'vanity'. But remember my friend as deep as it is into the research of such, as far as the dillema of human conciousness shall know, there are and will be many whom you do not know and whos work you should know about. It is not so simple that maybe you have been elected 'Scientist of the Year' This you should ask yourself, from your desk, from your resume, from your work at an office shuffling paper in an egar attempt to make yourself your boss or requisite this to the recycle bin. Googling this award, like Googling in general is a sense of nonsense! All of this provocation to try to prove something is a scam when you cannot paint a decent picture, because simply one must assume they have received a nomination, and just that...paper. The pure thing is the work behind it...and no piece of paper, no certificate, commission, board syndicate, priory,comittee or approval juncture can judge ritiously the extent of human accomplisment and work that goes into the true subject of the personal truth behind Biography which is the sum total of a lifetimes work. And I hope you could say 'Poor Fools' since you cannot substantiate what 'is' from the abstraction that might be dangled as a hard earned nerve of lifes task (registered in Biography) in front of ones face...this would be envy to those deserved, and promote jealousy for those who had missed the mark of substanciation, ending up in the back office as the missing and unaccounted for as which many of this culture tow the cross that they have to bare...being dismissed as noted or even famous in a culture that extinguishes anything good or possibly even great for the pale podium of mediocracy and rejoice in the words of mundane, normal, commonplace or its opposite Hollywood....So I Vain...letters do get misdirected.

Anonymous said...

I have myself researched the “prestigious” awards from the American Biographical Institute and from the International Biographical Centre.

After quite some research there is obviously no doubt in my mind that these organizations are vanity scams based on vanity publications which contain self-published biographies and basically anything you want the award to say for a buck…or in this case more like 200-700 bucks per award, or publication which contains the award. But of course, you don’t just buy your own award of choice, but you have to buy the publication which has your award as well, which itself costs hundreds of dollars, because it is a big book that contains thousands of phony awards…and you can buy some for your friends too, and recommend them as well, or anyone for that matter at their websites.

I don’t know if the situation about these scams is more silly than clever…I mean it is pretty silly for anyone with a few brain cells to give importance to being nominated for such highly claimed international award for having done nothing worth mentioning in their lives, and also for that nothing to have been researched by no one. There is tons of cases when these institutions address a guy with Mrs. and vice versa, even print the award as such…they don’t even bother to research or verify their names and gender, let alone to research their work some state far away, nor some countries oceans away.

On the other hand it is pretty clever scam…you come up with an organization that operates within the loopholes of the law. You are not breaking any promise; people give you money and you give them awards…the money of course to cover the expenses (such a hundreds of dollars for a book or wooden award?!). And you set up your organization for success because you are selling people self-esteem and international recognition. There is that little fact that all of this is false and unsubstantiated by any research (at least for most awards given to most people). But hey, what matters to you is the money, since you are a commercial company, not a scholarly entity. You know that there are lots of people out there who are either stupid or vain, or both, that would buy ABI or IBC rewards and publications of those rewards. So not only do you keep up the business, but you also come to various websites to confront the people who are not stupid enough to buy into your ABI and IBC scam, and have enough integrity and decency to speak up about these scams and caution the others.

Makes me puke…Ralph!

Navid said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Navid Nassir: I am requesting that you post another comment here & provide the following information:

1. An Internet address that shows your current affiliation with an academic or research or industrial organization.

2. Your e-mail address with a domain registered with that organization. I won't accept "yahoo.com", "hotmail.com", etc.

3. A list of your scientific publications, if you have published anything.

4. How much you paid the International Biographical Centre for your "mantle of excellence, official silver-gilt commemorative medal and certificate".

If you don't post all of this information within 5 days of today, by 1 October, I will delete your above comment.

Anonymous said...

I work next door to Melrose Press (aka the International Biographical Press) and came in to work today to see that somebody has broken in overnight!

They peeled back the metal cladding on the wall of the warehouse building, pulled out the insulation, and gained entry.

I wonder what was stolen?!

kk said...

I have just received the letter from IBC -- 2000 outstanding scientists 2008/2009. They also asked for sending the names of colleagues or friends. What are your comments ?



How much are they asking for your award?

Anonymous said...

I got one today:) well, mine is cheaper, they want only 195$ for the certificate...but if I want the medal..oh well, i have to pay 585$...but i'll be leading scientist of the year too:)))))))


Congratulations, Anonymous. I'll send you a certificate & a medal for only $299! Order your award now, before the sale ends!

Anonymous said...

Guys, just a warning. Over in Japan, the scientists are getting a few notifications of our "top 100" status. Unlike you cynics, we are hotfooting it into top-100dem, and we will take all the 100 places, by force if necessary. My colleague is just going over his notification and has nominated me too, and my wife, who might not be an excellent scientist, but hot-diggitty can she cook! Laugh while you can, because we are soon to dominate the list.

BTW, I could be persuaded to part with my nomination for US$600, if any of you sceptics change your mind. Sure, it's more than the award itself costs, but science is very competitive these days...

Anonymous said...

Those for receive the IBC Award needs ONLY to prove to others and convince them that they have great works and contributions as indicated by IBC. If he can prove himself/herself then IBC has selected the right person. Just take time to check on the person who dares to hold the award in his name ... this is the best solution.

They is no such thing as a free lunch or a free award, even in charity organizations or cheaper or more expensive.


IBC Awards are PHONY awards. DO NOT buy an award from the IBC.

How many times do I have to repeat this? Any award that you have to pay for is not an award, but a money making scheme for the organization that is giving the "award", in this case the IBC.