09 August 2005

Scientists who provide full-text copies of their publications

Many scientists routinely put full-text copies of at least some their publications on their homepages (while others inexplicably don’t). Below is a very limited list of such sites where you can download published papers. The coverage of this list is obviously biased towards my interests. I will sporadically provide updates as I discover new sites.

Please note that scientists move around and some of these link may in time become obsolete. If a link is not functional, try moving up the URL to a more general address or search the Internet for the scientist’s name.

Michael J. Benton - Evolutionary biology, taphonomy, fossil record

James Byers - Biological invasions

Michal Kowalewski - Taphonomy, drilling predation by gastropods

David Lubell - Holocene anthropology, land snails for food

Menno Schilthuizen - Evolutionary biology of land snails

Dolph Schluter - Evolutionary biology, adaptive radiations
Click on the link that says “Electronic reprints of most papers are available here”.

Christoph Schubart - Evolutionary biology of terrestrial crabs
Scroll down the page; don’t click on “Publications”.

John J. Wiens - Evolutionary biology of reptiles, speciation

Multiple authors - Evolutionary biology of cicadas

Of course, no list would be complete without a link to my papers.

Aydin Örstan - Evolutionary biology and biogeography of land snails

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