22 September 2005

Backyard bugs II: banded net-wing

Although this insect (Calopteron reticulatum) may look like some sort of moth, it is actually a beetle (order Coleoptera, family Lycidae). I didn't photograph it in my backyard, but near the lake not too far from my house. They seem to prefer wet habitats and luckily, my backyard isn't that wet (we have enough mosquitoes as it is).

In the previous edition of backyard bugs that featured the spotted cucumber beetle, I mentioned that the beetles are the most speciose group of insects. The chart below illustrates how beetles fare, in terms of species numbers, compared to all other organisms. If you are wondering where the mammals are, they are in the group called chordates that occupies a barely visible slice.

Now we know who the real owners of this planet are.

Chart from here.


Katie said...

this is really cool. it helps a lot of people understaqnd things about backyard bugs!

Anonymous said...

i think that this site is very helpful in learning about backyard bugs! it helps me understand where some bugs come from. the chart very well helps me understand the certain popularity of some bugs in the backyard areas of some peoples houses. i like this website alot.

Anonymous said...

if this site is up and running still i woul like to say this about this bug. this is a carnivorous beetle, i watch them kill worker bees. seems to almost drain the life of the bee with a probe coming from the front part of the beetle. very interesting. if this is a current blog please e-mail me at likewtf@hotmail.com thanks