02 September 2005

Friday nite's beer review: Purple Haze

This is a flavorful beer with a light raspberry aroma and a purplish golden color with quite a bit of turbidity. The label claims that it is made by adding raspberry puree to each batch. The label also says that it is sweet, but I didn't think it was. I enjoyed it.

Purple Haze is brewed by the Abita Brewing Company of Abita Springs, Lousiana.


The previous beer review was Stovepipe Porter.


Henry said...

I have tried purple haze from the tap before, and I didn't really like it too much. I will admit however that as I type and look at the picture, it looks better than I remember it. Speaking of Abita beers, Turbo Dog is one of my favorite dark beers.

Anonymous said...

where did you find this beer in MD?


The beer & wine store in the shopping center at the north corner of the intersection of Wisteria & 118 in Germantown, Montgomery Co., occasionally sells it.