03 September 2005

Land snails of Turkey: Chondrus tournefortianus

This land snail was discovered by the French botanist Joseph Pitton de Tournefort (1656 - 1708) and mentioned in the posthumous account of his travels in the lands of the Ottoman Empire (Relation d'un voyage du Levant, 1717). André Férussac formally described the species in 1821 and named it after Tournefort.

In an earlier post, I had a map of the approximate distribution range of Chondrus tournefortianus in Turkey and the adjacent areas.

The shell of this species is normally sinistral. It is usually claimed that the function of the apertural teeth present in the shells of many species of land snails is to prevent predatory beetles from entering the shell. To my knowledge, however, that this is indeed the case has not been conclusively demonstrated.

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