19 September 2005

Land snails of Turkey: Oxychilus urbanskii (Pulmonata: Zonitidae)

This species was described by Adolf Riedel in 1963. It is in the subgenus Morlina. The type location is Gramatikovo in southeast Bulgaria. Riedel1 has also recorded it from several locations in northwest Turkey.

The specimen pictured here (FM2802282) was collected (and identified) by Riedel at Inkaya on the Uludağ Mountain near Bursa, Turkey in 1983. Most Oxychilus species have indistinct shells that are hard to tell apart from each other. In this case, I am assuming that Riedel’s identification was correct.

The pictured specimen was a subadult 9.1 mm in diameter with 5 whorls. A larger shell in the same lot had a diameter of 11.4 mm. The upper and lower surfaces were mostly smooth and shiny without distinct growth rings. I noticed no microsculpture on either the protoconch or the teleoconch at magnifications up to 40x. The umbilicus was very narrow.

Riedel3 named this species after the Polish malacologist Jaroslaw Urbanski (1909-1981).

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2. Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.
3. Reidel, A. 1983. Jaroslaw Urbanski (1909-1981). Archiv für Molluskenkunde, 113:1-5.

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