30 September 2005

Moonrise over Büyük Menderes Delta

Ansel Adams took several moonrise photographs that have become classics. This is one of my attempts at pretending to be Ansel Adams. Unlike the way Adams took most of his photographs, however, I took this one without much preparation or visualization. I adjusted the exposure manually, as I almost always do, but otherwise, it was basically a "point and shoot" kind of thing.

The picture shows the delta of the river Büyük Menderes, the ancient Meander River, on the western coast of Turkey. On the right is the Aegean Sea. Until about 2000 years ago, the delta was a bay open to the Aegean, before the alluvium brought by the river filled it up. I will have more on that story in a future post.

Across from the delta on the slopes of the hills vaguely visible behind the haze and mostly just outside of the picture, lie the ruins of the Ionian city of Miletus. The battle of Lade was fought between the Ionian Greek and the dominating Persian navies off the island of Lade not too far from Miletus in 494 B.C.E. Lade is now just another hill surrounded by cotton fields.

I took this picture from the southern slopes of Mount Mycale on Dilek Peninsula north of the delta in July 2004 during our land snail survey. This would have been a good (and safe) spot to watch the battle.


T. Beth said...

What a beautiful photograph! Soft, pink and purple twilights like this one are so lovely and tranquil, and I especially like how the purple sky is reflected the the broad sweep of the delta.

Simon said...

I found this great photo by searching Google for walking Mycale, not via any particular snail interest. Did you take other photos pointing towards the west and Samos?


I took a whole bunch of photos of the Dilek Peninsula some including Samos.

simon said...

I'm intersted in Ionian science back then. Thales is supposed to have popped up Mycale from Miletus when he was working out when the solstice came. I think Pythagoras too, just across in Samos, would have been up Vigla seeing that the world is a sphere. I would be interested to see the other Mycale photos. Did you post them anywhere?


I will post more photos on Monday or Tuesday.