17 September 2005

Saturday nite's draft cider review: K

This stuff is good. When I saw it in my usual beer store I didn't quite know what it was. The ingredients list apple concentrate, CO2 and a few other things. It appears to be fermented apple cider; it tastes like apple cider, but it is less sweet. The label gives the alcohol content as 6.9%. It is produced in England and imported by K-Cider Co. in New York.

After I took the above photo out on the deck, I picked up the bottle and went inside to download the picture. As I was sitting by the computer, I noticed a tiny fly flying around the mouth of the bottle. And when it landed on the bottle I recognized it as a fruit fly (Drosophila) from its conspicuous red eyes. I grabbed the camera and took a picture of it too.

If Drosophila is attracted to K, it must be the real thing!


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