29 September 2005

This meme needs no title

I wasn't going to post anything today, but Nuthatch at bootstrap analysis cruelly tagged me with this meme. Here it goes.

10 years ago: In 1995 I did a mandatory and, luckily, once-in-a-lifetime 30-day stint with the Turkish Army in the extremely dull town of Burdur in Turkey (I hope my friend Zeki, who lives there, is not reading this). All day long all we did was march up and down dusty roads and pull weeds from fields planted with vegetables. To remind us that this was actually military training, not some forced gardening exercise, we were taken to a target area just once and each of us was made to shoot two bullets with ancient World War II rifles, M-somethings, that had been taken out of storage for this special occasion (they are not used for any other purpose anymore).

The only good thing that came out of those 30 long days (actually 28, because we had 2 leave days) was that I was able to retain my Turkish citizenship. Now when I go to Turkey I take two passports, one Turkish and one American. Interestingly, it wasn’t until several years later when I was renewing my U.S. passport that I learned for certain that it wasn’t necessarily illegal for a U.S. citizen to serve in the military of another country or to carry two passports provided that certain conditions are met.

5 years ago: I had a trip to Turkey in the summer to collect snails, otherwise, nothing too memorable seems to have happened.

1 year ago: The most memorable event of 2004 was yet another summer expedition we had in Turkey. This one was lots of fun and I still have hundreds of snail shells that I need to sort, identify and then write papers about. Also, in September we went to Canada to my niece's wedding. That was fun too.

Yesterday: Was a routine day at my desk job. Took a long walk after lunch and photographed a large turtle in the lake. Otherwise, the most exciting thing I did was subscribe to the New Scientist. Now I am looking forward to getting the fist issue. I spent the evening photographing and measuring the snail shells I have on loan from the Field Museum in Chicago. The loan expired 2 days ago, so I am desperately trying to finish what I want to do, before I get a nasty e-mail from the collection manager asking me to return the material (I hope he is not reading this either).

5 songs I know all the words to: Hmmm…I know many songs, but I don’t think I know the entire words of any. But, wait, there’s one! Neil Young’s Till the Morning Comes: “I am gonna give you till the morning comes, till the morning comes, till the morning comes. I am only waiting till the morning comes, till the morning comes, till the morning comes.” A short song, indeed.

5 snacks: Chocolate covered pecans, yogurt covered almonds, dried mango slices, marzipan, chocolate covered pecans (yes, I really like them).

5 things I’d do with $100 million: Retire! Then, I would spend the rest of my long life studying nature. I guess I'd also found a foundation to fund research on evolutionary biology and donate some money to museums.

5 places I’d run away to: Hawaii, Australia, Charles Darwin’s house in Down, England and, if time travel were possible, two places in Turkey about 10,000 years ago after the ice age, but before the human assault on the environment started: the current location of Istanbul and on the west coast the area between the rivers Küçük Menderes and Büyük Menderes (the ancient Caystros and Meander, respectively).

5 things I’d never wear: Polyester shirts, a toupee (not that I need one), wool directly against my skin, because it makes me itchy, itchy, itchy…

5 favorite TV shows: I don’t watch TV anymore. The last show I watched regularly was Third Rock From the Sun, and before that Seinfeld. Now, once in a while, I may watch the Simpsons. Monday nite I wanted to tape the Bob Dylan documentary on PBS, but couldn’t get the VCR to receive the channel it was on and gave up. I’ll wait for the DVD.

5 greatest joys: Long walks in places that I am least likely to encounter people (not that I am antisocial), cats, photography, field trips to collect snails, late summer afternoons on the deck with my wife and a bottle of beer chatting and reading light stuff, blogs mostly (we call them “beer & daer” hours, “daer” being the backward spelling of “read”.)

5 favorite toys: My computer, digital camera (thinking of getting a new one), 2 microscopes (stereo and compound) and GPS receiver.

5 people I’m tagging: afarensis at afarensis, tony at milkriverblog, Alun at Alun, Henry at Webiocosm, last but not least, Pamela at Thomasburg Walks.


Nuthatch said...

You work fast! I love the Turkish army story. If you were Cuban, you'd have to do your time harvesting sugar cane with a machete. Don't think there's much shooting going on, even the police have to find a way to buy their own bullets.

Thanks for tagging Tony, I almost did but feel like I know the guy, he writes so much, but there's always more to know.

And look out...Sophie, The Cutest Cat Ever to Exist, will be in the Friday cat blog.

denizb33 said...

10 years ago: In 1995 I started my last year of high school and got out of a bad funk and discovered Britpop and all the bands I’ve been listening to since then. I went to Turkey that summer and took lots of photos for the first time (Lemon Grove!).

5 years ago: In 2000 I started my last year of my BA at McGill. I got more involved with one of the student magazines and went out more than usual but still spent most of my time trawling around second hand bookstores and record stores and seeing lots of movies.

1 year ago: Ah :-)) Now that’s a better year :-) I went to Turkey in the summer for a pre-wedding honeymoon, spent the year planning the wedding and was married in September :-)))) And we got our second cat!!!

Yesterday: Was another rather busy day at work. Also used up a lot of time looking things up on the internet and ordering books from www.pandora.com.tr. Went home by train instead of walking and then taking the bus (for exercise) as I should have, because I really wanted to get home :-) Spent time with my cats and had dinner and worked on/played with various hobbies (scrapbooking our trips up north, knitting a birthday present, reading). People came over and we had drinks (well, beer :-)).

5 songs I know all the words to: Fading like a Flower by Roxette, all Stone Roses songs, most Led Zeppelin songs, a lot of U2 songs.

5 snacks: Trail mix, dark chocolate, apples, cookies, white chocolate.

5 things I’d do with $100 million: Retire! Buy a house or two, with a barn and lots of cats. Fix up the house in Kusadasi. Donate money to charity and give some to family. Go on a shopping spree for all those things I want, don’t need and have put off buying for years (various CDs and movies especially). Travel to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Antarctica and Patagonia. Really work on our family tree. Start my own magazine. Decorate my house(s)!!!!

5 places I’d run away to: Kusadasi before the hand of man, a cabin by a lake if I had one, Yorkshire, Wales, cosy bedroom with a fireplace.

5 things I’d never wear: Clogs, flip-flops, coloured jeans, tube tops, midriff-exposing shirts.

5 favourite TV shows: The Simpsons, Last of the Summer Wine, Trailer Park Boys and reruns of “classic” American and English TV – by which I mean either shows I used to watch as a kid, like Roseanne and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or real classics like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder.

5 greatest joys: Long walks in the woods, cats, reading (usually re reading the Lord of the Rings), Saturday and Sunday mornings with my husband (coffee and newspapers and Real Simple magazine) and going out for breakfast!

5 favourite toys: The internet, scrapbooking supplies, wool and knitting needles, crossword puzzles and Tetris Gameboy (if I had one!!!).

5 people I’m tagging: Nuthatch for starting all this and having a cat, Aydin for hosting my long comment and having two cats, Edgewise at www.myspace.com/edgewisemusic also for having two cats, Simla at www.jewelleryandotherstuff.com to remind her to update the catalogue and www.bookcrossing.com.

Henry said...

Okay I did it. Enjoy your weekend!

Alun said...

Thanks for tagging me, but for peculiar reasons I can't really answer a few of the questions. At least not without lying wildly.

afarensis said...

I just noticed you tagged me. I'll get mine up tomorrow after work.

afarensis said...

Okay, Mines up

tony g said...

hah! back at ya!