28 October 2005

A mixed-up meme

A while ago tony at milkriverblog tagged me with a meme, a fiver, and a few days ago afarensis tagged me with another one, also a fiver. So I decided to mix the two and answer only those I feel like answering. Here they are.

5 creatures I'd like to see before I go. [This one is from milkriverblog]

Metafruticola oerstani. My namesake for crying out loud. And I have only seen pictures of it.

Trichoplax adhaerens. The simplest of all animals and one of the only 2 members of the phylum Placozoa. It is a multicellular microscopic creature that lives in the sea.

Anatolian Leopard (Panthera pardus tulliana). Once common on the mountains of Anatolia, these big cats are probably extinct now, but then again a few may still be lingering.

A gorilla in the jungle (I have seen them in zoos, but that doesn't count).

Dodo! The legend has it that a man cannot die before he sees the beast he is dying to see. That means I will be immortal.

A great song I wouldn't mind never hearing again. [This one is from afarensis]

I happen to be listening to Dylan's Blonde on Blonde as I am writing these. So I will put down Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.

Five movies that are my life. [From milkriverblog]

There isn't any. But I would like to have had a part—a small one—in Casablanca.

The book that took me the longest to finish. [From afarensis]
Darwin's On the Origin of Species. I have it on my bedside table and been reading it for about 2 years now and am not finishing it anytime soon. It's a fine book and I enjoy it, but there are so many other things to read that it always gets a low priority.

5 moments in my life that have changed everything I've done since. [From milkriverblog]

In my recent history there is only one such moment. It was on 11 August 1997 around 2 o'clock in the afternoon (details from my fieldbook). My cousin's family and I had been yachting along the southwestern coast of Turkey. We anchored at a small bay and I went ashore to look for suitable places where I could find bdelloid rotifers. Instead, on the side of a steep hill above the sea, I found 6 land snail shells in a hole under a rock. A few months later, I switched to studying snails. It was all because of those shells.

I am not tagging anyone. I'll let this meme die.


afarensis said...

This may just be me, but once you get used to Darwin's style of writing it becomes a joy to read.

deniz said...

Creatures I'd like to see before I go.

A penguin in Antarctica.

South American jungle creatures - excluding the bugs (good excuse to visit the Amazon).

Anything that lives in the Marinara Trench.

A badger.

A great song I wouldn't mind ever hearing again.

Is this supposed to read "never hearing again" ? And isn't that a contradiction if it's a great song?

Anyway, a generally recognised good song that I would not mind never hearing again has got to be half the stuff that the classic rock station CHOM plays. Listen to them through standardradio.com.

Five movies that are my life.

Benny and Joon. Fried Green Tomatoes. An Affair to Remember. Gone With the Wind. Batteries not Included.

The book that took me the longest to finish.

Anything by Chesterton. Now that is some convoluted writing!

5 moments in my life that have changed everything I've done since.

5? How could there be 5? One is enough to change everything isn't it? Anyhow, there was one incident in high school, and the next one was that fateful Saturday where I came home from work and decided I actually wasn't too tired to go out, and thank goodness too, cos that's the night I met Ryan! Also, probably the time I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time, I was about 11 or so. That led to a lot of other things...