06 October 2005

New issue of the Archaeo+Malacology Group newsletter

The AMG Newsletter No. 8 (and the previous 3 issues) is available here. This issue contains two articles on freshwater mussels in Israel, one on the identification and distribution of edible land snails in Turkey, a brief appreciation of the work of the late Professor John ‘Snails’ Evans and a note about an unusual fake cowry from a grave in Hungary. There are also some requests for information, abstracts of recent papers and notices of forthcoming conferences.


Sara said...

In my ignorance, I am intrigued by the use of the term "fake" cowry, as opposed to say, "artistic representation of a" cowry. Since it is unknown why they were made, why are they automatically labeled "fake" instead of art?

Just curious. Please forgive me if this is a stupid question.


I copied that language from the newsletter.

I suppose in this case "fake cowry" means "made to look like a cowry, but it is not the real thing", or "imitation cowry".

Also, "fake" is shorter than "artistic representation of a".