15 October 2005

No. 120884

A week ago when we were working at the land snail collection of the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, I went thru several drawers of clausiliids. This particular lot, obviously a very old one, especially attracted my attention.

I wasn't familiar with the species, there was no collection date, and the location, given only as China, was not of much use. Nevertheless, there was something alluring about these two shells, in an old box neatly tucked in graying cotton—as if they were some priceless gems.

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ibancito said...

Beautiful photo and lovely story, full of mistery and hidden depth. :)
One of my favourite places in London is the "Enlightmen Gallery". A gallery where they keep track of the discoveries and worries of scientist in the XVIII century and their efforts to put a bit of order in the world.