12 October 2005

No scaredy-deer

We live near Black Hill Regional Park in Germantown, Maryland, where there is a sizeable population of the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Because the park is surrounded by residential areas, hunting is not allowed. However, every winter a few nights after the park closes, the park police carries out a deer "population control" operation.

Despite the lack of regular hunting, the deer in the park are quite wary of humans and normally run away as soon as they spot someone approaching. These two that I encountered one afternoon about 10 days ago were, however, unusually tame, especially the one in the front. I approached within about 5 m of it before it darted off (I was on a boardwalk slightly above them).

Not surprisingly, deer bones are also common in the woods. For a while, my son was quite interested in bones, so we used to pick up every one we found. Now, we have buckets of deer bones in the backyard that frequently get pillaged by mysterious nighttime intruders. They leave behind gnawed bones scattered in the yard. I guess we are the calcium depot for the local wildlife. I wonder what the neighbors think.

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