28 November 2005

Coffee grounds have spoken, but what the heck did they mean?

To help save trees in a meager way, I use a gold coffee filter instead of paper filters. The gold filter, however, lets thru the finest grains. This results in my coffee being slightly thicker, before the suspended grains settle down on the bottom of the mug. But, I have gotten used to it, and besides, it reminds me of the traditional Turkish coffee.

Coffee tasseography, the reading of one's fortune from the patterns created by the coffee residue left on the bottom of his/her fincan, the small traditional mugs used for Turkish coffee, was routinely practiced in Turkey. However, I don't think anyone took his/her fortune told from wet coffee grounds seriously; this was done more for amusement than for serious future planning.

Nevertheless, when I noticed this pattern on the bottom of my mug recently, I was convinced that I was destined to visit a mountainous country, perhaps Nepal to climb the Himalayas, and started packing. But my wife took a peek at the bottom of my mug and predicted instead that I was going to buy a double humped camel. These conflicting interpretations created confusion and put everything on hold.

We are now waiting for the future to unfold itself in a more conventional way, a second at a time.


T. Beth said...

This is like inkblots. I see a bat's head... I wonder what that means. ;-)

afarensis said...

I see a storm tossed ocean...perhaps you'll be a pirate!

Helper said...

I might be able to help you. I'm new to this. The image I see is either a hill or a sharp mountain in the distance which represents and stands for obstacles or distractions. A mountain indicates high ambition, maybe there is a goal you really want to reach.
You may hear some important news-that's what the camel represents.
hope this helps---