26 November 2005

Saturday's beer review: SkullSplitter from Scotland

This is a dark brew with a creamy texture. It has a strong—slightly sweet—flavor, but a light aroma. (Does that make sense?) I didn't think it was bitter (I don't care much for bitter beers).

SkullSplitter is brewed by the Orkney Brewery, on Orkney off Scotland, UK. The guy on the label is pretending to be Thorfinn Hausakluif, aka Skull Splitter, the Viking Earl of Orkney ca. 1000 AD.

SkullSplitter's alcohol content is 8.5%, slightly higher than most ordinary beers. Drink too many of these and your skull will split the next morning.

Other comments on SkullSplitter

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pascal said...

I've seen this beer on the shelf before and passed it up because of the labeling. I may have to revisit my ill-formed opinion.


Yes, the label is silly, corny. They need a new one. But it is a pretty good beer.