24 December 2005

Land snails of Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

In August 2002, we (Zeki, Burçin, Francisco and I) spent 8 days in and around the city of Bodrum, the ancient Halicarnassus, in southwestern Turkey collecting land snails. I have an account of our expedition and some pictures here. The results of the survey, after a few setbacks, finally got published1, ending this year on a high note.

On Bodrum Peninsula, we found 50 species of land snails, 38 of which were native to the area. Two of those species, Pyramidula chorismenostoma and Vitrea sossellai, had never been recorded from Turkey before. P. chorismenostoma is a unique snail and as soon as I get a chance to photograph my specimens, I will post some pictures here.

We found 3 species of Albinaria. Two species, A. lerosiensis and A. munda, are native to the peninsula. The 3rd one, A. brevicollis, is present only in the Castle of the Knights in Bodrum and was introduced there. That is a story in itself and will be the subject of a future post.

1. Örstan, A., Yıldırım, M. Z., Gümüş, B. A. & Welter-Schultes, F. W. 2005. The land snails of the Bodrum peninsula, Turkey. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft 73/74:1-15. (Download scanned pages here.)

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