26 December 2005

Land snails of Turkey: Pyramidula chorismenostoma

Pyramidula chorismenostoma from Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey.

In adult shells of Pyramidula chorismenostoma (Pulmonata: Pyramidulidae) the body whorl separates from the rest of the shell. There is no other European land snail that has a similar shell morphology. The shells of P. chorismenostoma are quite small, about 2 mm in diameter. (Rulers visible in these photographs are in millimeters.)


The range of P. chorismenostoma extends from southern Greece to Crete and the Aegean islands1. We recently published its first record from the mainland Turkey.

Archive of the Land Snails of Turkey series.

1. Gittenberger, E. & Bank, R.A. 1996. A new start in Pyramidula (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Pyramidulidae). Basteria 60:71-78.

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