03 December 2005

Papers read this week: Triton No. 12

Musical accompaniment: Steve Reich: The Desert Music.

Triton is the journal of the Israel Malacological Society. It is published twice a year, usually around March and October.

Triton publishes in English articles of interest to malacologists and shell collectors. To subscribe or to submit a manuscript to Triton contact E. L. Heiman, Editor-in-Chief, e-mail: heimel AT netvision.net.il

The last issue of Triton, No. 12, was published in October. My copy arrived about 2 weeks ago.

Contents of Triton, No. 12

1. Marine molluscs

Jean & Janine Demartini
Erosaria turdus thrives in the Mediterranean Sea.

B.S. Singer
Thais sacellum and Ergalatax obscura, new immigrants to northern Israel.

Hadas Lubinevsky & Henk K. Mienis
A first record of Nanostrea exigua Harry, 1985, another exotic mollusc species from the eastern Mediterranean.

Y. Sharon, Y. Benayahu & H.K. Mienis
First record of an exotic oyster: Alectryonella crenulifera, from the Mediterranean coast of Israel.

The alien species that have entered the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal are called Lessepsian migrants. This species, a native of northwest Indian Ocean, is one such species.

E.L. Heiman
Mauritia maculifera hawaiiensis new subspecies.

E.L. Heiman
Intraspecific variation in Bistolida stolida (Linnaeus, 1758) .

2. Land snails and fresh-water molluscs

Alberto Girod
New data on quaternary freshwater and land molluscs in the Sahara.

Motti Charter & H.K. Mienis
Snails in pellets and prey remains of kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) in Israel.

Hartwig Schütt
A buliminoid land snail from the east Anatolian high mountains (Pseudochondrula maden n.sp.).

About half of the specimens of this species are dextral and the other half is sinistral. Based on the measurements of 10 shells of each type, the sinistral shells appear to be slightly larger. This species may provide a good model to study the appearance and maintenance of oppositely coiled snail populations in the wild.

H.K. Mienis & Uri Bar-Ze'ev
On the presence of Buliminus glabratus in the northern and western Negev.

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