19 January 2006

Bird on Bird

I and the Bird #15

The brown creeper feels no pain.
I want to send him a horned owl, but the post office is stolen.
As the hooded merganser stands inside the rain.
The spoon-billed sandpiper don't like no stollen.

I am sitting here teaching a snowy owl chess.
The 4 woodpeckers could help me at the least.
Someone hit a deer making a bloody mess.
A hungry hawk shows up for the feast.

I saw you in the garage with a flock of wild turkeys.
Sooner or later the birds in California must know.
The classic prize in Texas would be slurpies,
If I knew how many buntings there were in the snow.

Down at the Mall there was one American coot.
The birds at the feeder better not go near the beast.
That guy in the white house is quite moot.
But whose eggs are those in the east?

I hear the house finch is yellow.
Rainbow bee-eater he is in the valley.
That'll make the goose and the turtles quite mellow.
The caged bird is stuck with the Memphis blues in the alley.

If you want to catch a dipper, don't use a trident
When a bird gets into the house to eat your shoes.
Jean-Paul Sartre got lucky, but it was an accident.
Guillemot must have had the highway blues.

Well, this is as bad as (or rather as good as) I can write a poem. Yes, I was listening to Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde while I put this together. That explains it all, doesn't it? My apologies to Mr. Dylan.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a post. The next I & the Bird will be at Dharma Bums on 2 February.


Mike said...

Aydin, I could swear I saw this exact poem in an e-mail advertising Viagra!

Very nice!

Pamela said...

Never have so few words enticed me to click on so many links! Wonderful presentation--so provocative.

Cindy said...

LOL @ Mike.. you mean someone actually reads those emails?!
Well done Aydin!

TroutGrrrl said...

Hey great job Aydin. I agree with Pamela - very dense clickability!

Amy said...

Very creative!

Kay said...

No apologies need to Dylan or anyone! Very creative and enjoyable.

P.M.Bryant said...

Great job!

Trix said...

Wonderful edition! An honourable homage to Dylan, too!

Home Bird said...

Very nice work! Thanks Aydin.

afarensis said...

Excellent! Although when I saw Dylan's picture I thought you were going to say you had been reading Tarantula!

Kay said...

Wanted to warn you about the trackback. Don't be scared off by the IRS references; that's my main blog, but I sprinkle in birding when possible and a link to I and Bird is in there!

lené said...

Loving all the new blogs you're introducing us too--and the great birds. Thanks!

Gwyn said...

Great job--poetic, even. I could never keep this so concise--as anyone who saw my turn at the helm would know!