26 January 2006

Deer and snails revisited

In early December of last year I had a post discussing whether overabundant deer could impact forest snails and slugs negatively. I had written that post as a critique of the conclusions of 2 published papers. Subsequently, I revised what I had posted here and sent it to Tentacle, the newsletter of the IUCN/Species Survival Commission Mollusc Specialist Group. After he received my submission, the editor, Robert Cowie, contacted the authors of the papers that were the subjects of my manuscript and asked for their responses. My piece and the responses of the other authors (Jean-Louis Martin and Otso Suominen) just got published in No. 14 of Tentacle.

Jean-Louis Martin and Otso Suominen responded to some but not all of the issues I raised. I am not, however, going to repeat here everything that is already in Tentacle and I am certainly not going to beat this topic to death. If you want to read my criticism and the responses to it, you may download a copy of Tentacle 14 from here.

There are several other interesting notes in Tentacle 14 that I may review here this weekend.

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pascal said...

Interesting - thanks for the link. That issue also had an interesting little piece about H. occulata that is applicable to my work.

About deer/snail coevoloution: while their interaction might not have produced a great deal of change within either of these two organisms, it has been around long enough for the Brainworm to use woodland snails such as A. alternata as an intermediate host on its way to the deer/elk/moose.