06 January 2006

Friday nite's beer review: Yuengling Porter


Now don't get the idea that I've spent my Friday afternoon drinking beer. I had this last nite. I don't review here the beers I don't like. Recently, I tried some India pale ales, but disliked their odd aromas. Yuengling's Porter, on the other hand, has a rich yet smooth flavor with no bitterness or peculiar aroma. It is also very dark. I think it is going to be one of my favorites.

The Yuengling Brewery at Pottsville, Pennsylvania, claims to be the oldest one in the U.S. It was founded in 1829 by David G. Yuengling, a German immigrant. The original spelling of his last name must have been Jüngling, meaning "young man". In fact, the English word youngling comes from jüngling. But, despite what they say at their web site, jüngling is not pronounced "ying-ling". That certainly makes it sound oritental, doesn't it?

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Watermelon Man said...

Love your beer reviews. If you are ever in Canada, Labatts makes a beer called Velvet Cream Porter. It is an absolute delight to consume a bottle. It is not sold here in the States.

The Beer Man said...

Yuengling is a great beer!! Ive been to the brewery and it is awesome. It amazes me that they still brew the original recipe after all these years. A great piece of American beer history.

Anonymous said...

Had Yuengling for the first time this last week-end in Philly for my nephew's wedding. I loved it and will try to find it here in Phoenix.