24 February 2006

Beaver's dam and lodge


About a week ago I posted a picture of a beaver dam I had discovered. I went back to the area and did some more exploring. The picture above shows what I think may be the beaver's lodge (there is probably more than one, so I should say beavers' lodge). I could not see any other structures that were similar in appearance to this one.

Here is another picture of the dam taken from the front. Yes, I was standing in the creek (I had rubber boots on). The arrow points at the lodge in the picture above.


You may be able to tell from the picture that the dam is not straight, but curved. I had a measuring tape with me and estimated the length of the dam as 18 m. I measured 2 sections, 7 and 6 m long, and estimated the length of the last section as 5 m (water along the 5-m section was too deep for my boots).

I was also able to take a closer look at how the dam was constructed. I will save that information for another post.

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Pamela said...

Hi Aydin;

i haven't been getting around as much as I like--so am just seeing this post today. I'm sorry you haven't had any comments from beaver experts. I'm wondering about the identification of the first structure as a lodge. Might be the angle of the shot--or changing water levels--but I think that a beaver lodge should have an underwater entrance, and should be bigger than this one appears.

Interesting shots--that's a beautiful dam. If this is a place you visit often, you should be able to see beavers coming and going soon, if it is an active lodge. I'll watch for developments with interest.