16 February 2006

Today's good word: meander


Meanders are semicircular bends in stream channels. The meander in this picture is in a creek near my house.

The most famous meandering river in history was the Meander River in western Turkey, now known by its Turkish name as the Büyük Menderes (Big Meander). The word meander derives via Greek from the name of this river in the antiquity, Maiandros. Maiandros is neither Turkish nor Greek; it appears to be a very old Anatolian word with an obscure meaning.

To the north of the Büyük Menderes is the Küçük Menderes (Little Meander), the ancient Cayster (Caystros).

The next posts in this series will be about the colorful (mostly, turbid brown, actually) histories of the Meander and the Cayster rivers.

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Duane said...

I tried to look "meander" up in the Chicago Electronic Hittite Dictionary and got this somewhat discouraging message, "M not yet available online." The fact is they only have L and P working at this time but M, N, and S are coming soon. Someday you well be able to get English or Turkish for each of the lexemes. But as far as I can tell only English is working now. But that is all I can use anyway. You also need to down load a special program to access the database.