10 March 2006

Friday nite's beer review: Kingfisher from India New York

kngfshrA few years ago I was at an Indian restaurant with some friends. We asked the waiter if they served Indian beer. He proudly declared that they had Kingfisher. And then, as we were each ordering a bottle, he added "But, it is brewed in New York."

This is that well-known Indian lager beer, bought at a local store, and indeed, brewed in Saratoga Springs, New York. Nevertheless, regardless of where it comes from, Kingfisher is a pretty good beer. It has a light, mild flavor with a very slight sweet taste. I will be drinking it again.

I am disappointed, though, that the company’s flashy website offers very little information regarding the different beers they say they manufacture. If you have time to waste, however, you may want to look at the Kingfisher swimsuit calendar.

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