07 March 2006

What does a train engine look like from high above?

A couple of posts ago STUFIT* had an aerial picture of a train downloaded from Terra Server. We had marked with an arrow what we believed were the engines.

However, Pascal at Research at a snail's pace disagreed with our identification of the engines. Now, we will demonstrate that we are right and he is wrong. (Hey, there is nothing personal here. We are doing this all in the name of science.)

Here are 2 indisputable engine photographs (left and center) that STUFIT found at the Union Station in D.C. (also from Terra Server) compared with the disputed photograph (right) from our earlier post. We have enlarged all 3 pictures and also rotated and flipped them so that they are all oriented more or less in the same direction with the sun shining from the left.


Pascal's objection to our identification, in the rightmost picture, of the 2 front "cars" as engines is that "in general, locomotive engines have distinct roof-top characteristcs [sic] that would stand out even in satellite view."

It is difficult to make out any structures on the roofs of the engines in the leftmost photo. But compare the engine in the middle photo with the front one in the rightmost picture. The yellow arrows mark the corresponding roof-top structures in the 2 sets of pictures.

We rest our case.

Revision added 8 March: Every monitor is different. When I looked at the leftmost picture on my home computer last nite all I could see was a featurless dark roof-top. But, now I am on a different computer and I can make out some structures.


pascal said...

Hmmm. I retain the right to be not 100% convinced, but it certainly has enough landmarks to make that the most likely thing.


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