28 April 2006

Beaver's dam is no more

Back in February I posted pictures of a long beaver dam I had discovered (here and here). This afternoon I went back to the area. First, I was having difficulty recognizing some of my landmarks until I realized why: a section of the dam had fallen apart and the pond behind the dam was empty. So, the areas that had been previously flooded, including many of the canals, were now dry. The picture below shows what the dam looked like this afternoon.

Compare it with the picture taken on 31 March, the last time I saw the dam intact. The red arrow points at the gnawed tree that was back then in the pond.

Now, the beaver has definitely got some thinking to do.


Pamela said...

Fallen apart? Might it be that someone (human) didn't want the dam there and opened it up intentionally?

Great piece in the Onion--nice to see that they cover Canadian stories!


Possible, although the place is not too close to residential areas.