22 April 2006

Saturday's beer review: Franziskaner weiss beer from Germany


I truly enjoyed this beer. It has a mild, almost fruity aroma and a slightly sweet taste with no bitterness. The golden color is darkened by the abundant turbidity. In fact, the label gives instructions for pouring the beer properly to get most of the precipitate into the glass. The cloudiness results from the top-fermenting yeast used to make the beer.

According to the company's website Franziskaner (Franciscan) weiss beers are prepared with a particularly high proportion of wheat malt in addition to barley malt. Presumably, the high wheat content is what gives this beer its distinct aroma.

Incidentally, their website was the most informative one among all the brewery websites I have so far looked at.


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Henry said...

An excellent pick. I am always satisfied with this beer.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a huge fan of this beer ever since I tried it in Germany. Have you tried the new version - Krystal Klar - (non cloudy)?