27 April 2006

The thing from the meadow by the creek

This is a giant, virus-infected, disease-spreading, lymph-sucking mosquito.

Well, no, it isn't. It is only a crane fly. But, crane flies indeed resemble huge, parasite-infected, brain-inflaming, blood-sucking mosquitos, although in reality they don't even bite and are totally harmless, at least to photographers. They seem to be rather weak fliers and are quite easy to catch by hand.

Based on the venation of its wings, I have identified this individual as a Tipula sp.

Their larvae are mostly aquatic and feed on small children. Okay, maybe they don't do that either.


deniz said...

Bugs bugs bugs!! So gross and "urpertici" and at the same time so cool! They make my skin crawl (a possible translation for "urpertici") and at the same time are so fascinating! I even drempt about some last night! They were black beetles but in the dream I kept identifying them as cockroaches. Blechh!!

Katie said...

Hee hee. I like the comment about "small children". Nice picture.