21 May 2006

Sunday nite's beer review: Wild Goose Nut Brown Ale


Here is a good dark ale with a rather mild taste and a nice aroma. Is it nutty? Perhaps. I suppose all good things in life are a bit nutty.

There are many "nut brown ales" out there. The origin of this particular type of beer is from England; Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale perhaps being the best known of them all.

Wild Goose Nut Brown Ale is brewed by the Frederick Brewing Company in Frederick, Maryland, not too far from where I live. Unfortunately, the company's website is one of those sites with almost no tangible information about their beers or anything else.


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budak said...

The color of this beer is rather off-putting, I'm afraid.

deniz said...

Can you order Efes Pilsen off Tulumba.com (or anywhere else?) I wish they delivered to Canada!