22 June 2006

But they are so cute!


I had been incubating some slug eggs for about 20 days. They started hatching yesterday. Now I have a dozen or so baby slugs, each about 6 mm long. I believe they are a species of Megapallifera, a genus endemic to the northeast U.S.


A friend of mine will be adopting them this Saturday. She is doing her Ph.D. research on these slugs and hopefully these babies will contribute to the advancement of science and all that.

And now for something completely different...

Too many distractions
Got to get back home
Get into something solid
Get out of the zone

Neil Young Loose Change


pascal said...

What's your incubation setup? I'd like to do some hi-rez isotope studies of Discus shimeki and growing it in lab conditions would be a useful comparison.


There ain't no setup! This was not a planned experiment. The mother slug had a malformed tail & I was keeping it for further examination when it laid a bunch of eggs. So I figured it would be a good idea to keep the eggs & raise the babies to see if they will have the same abnormality.

I kept the eggs on a damp piece of toilet paper in a petri dish. There was also a small vial of water in the dish to keep humidity high. There were some nematodes on the eggs, but they didn't cause any harm.

Anonymous said...


Your pics made my day! They are indeed cute!

Anonymous said...

teir so cuute~!!!! ...is there gonna be more pictures ^^;?