25 June 2006

Pictures from a bioblitz

The Potomac river and Virginia photographed from the spot where we had lunch on the Maryland side

Yesterday I participated in the Potomac Gorge Bioblitz as a member of the 7-person strong (3 gals and 4 guys) mollusk team. We hiked in a rather leisurely pace along the C&O Canal, the Potomac and on the famous Billy Goat Trail for about 4 hours collecting snails and slugs, taking pictures and having fun. Luckily, the predicted rain never came.


We collected at least 20 species of terrestrial snails and slugs and some freshwater species. The terrestrial species included the polygyrid Mesodon thyroidus (above) and the succineid Novosuccinea cf. ovalis (below).


The bioblitz took place in the Potomac Gorge, a 15-mile deep, narrow valley starting at about the Great Falls National Park and ending in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. The Potomac Gorge is said to have a rich biodiversity. Fortunately, much of the shoreline along the Gorge is protected public parkland.

A team member demonstrating his search technique.

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deniz said...

what this blog needs is more "action" shots of team mebers demonstratign their search techniques, hee hee hee :-)))