22 August 2006

Diffractive Drosophila demonically downloading digital data?


I noticed this tiny fly suspiciously loitering around the USB cables connected to my computer the other nite. What is this? A mutant demon-fly feeding on bits of data without having to bite the bytes while violating the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?


A close-up revealed the bloodshot eyes only a Drosophila could possess. Definitely demonic.


deniz said...

is that fruit fly then?

Ralph said...

And it is eating bits from an unpluged cable. Only Demonic Drosophila can do that.

Does anyone know a good reference on the genetics of demonic possesion in fruit flies?

Roger B. said...

It looks like one of the the flies that regularly emerges from our compost bin.

They seem to be very fond of red wine... so we call them "Tipsy Flies".