07 August 2006

Durali and his taxi


One of the characters we met during our travels in Turkey back in July, was Durali, who showed up riding his mule and wearing, take note, a Nike hat. At that time we were by Kartal Gölü, a high altitude lake on Sandras Mountain (more on that lake later).

Durali2Durali announced that he was a 73-year old shepherd. Then he proudly introduced his companion (in translation, of course):

"This is my taxi. It is a mule. It had a donkey for a father and an animal for a mother."

One of us questioned him:

"Animal? You mean a horse?"

But Durali was adamant in his nomenclature:

"It had a donkey for a father and an animal for a mother."

We left it at that.

Later, Durali started complaining that he was short on cash. My friend Zeki whispered to me: "He is hoping we will give him money." But when Durali didn't see our wallets appearing, he drastically lowered his expectations and the subject of his complaints became a lost pencil, which Zeki was kind enough to replace.

I hope I will be strong enough to ride mules after missing pencils on mountain tops when I am 73.


Candy Minx said...

What a lovely travel encounter.

Discovered your blog through Alun's after he passed a meme you gave him, to me.

I am really enjoying all your posts and the beer reviews, delightful!

I am participating ina little social experiment called 20 Comments Wednesday where about a dozen of us visit blogs and leave comments. We are hoping to improve traffic and the already dynamic blogging experience.

If you have time or inclination, I would like to hear if you experienced more traffic as a result of me linking you to my blog this week///more comments? any change?

You are comment #1 out of 20.


Clare said...

Yes, 'lovely' is the word I would use too. The mystery 'animal' is both intriguing and amusing - and in this situation - an encounter with a wandering elderly shepherd - would lend itself very nicely to a little magical realism! Great story.