21 August 2006

My picture in the American Gardener

It is not a picture of me, but a picture I took (I am not much of a gardener anyway). If you happen to have a copy of the July/August issue of the American Gardener, on p. 47 you will see a photograph of a firefly larva eating a land snail. I am putting a small scan of the part of the page below.


Long-time readers of this blog may recognize the picture from a post on firefly larvae that I wrote a little more than a year ago. What the magazine published is not identical to what I had posted here, but is one of a series of similar photographs of the same larva eating an Oxyloma retusa. (Incidentally, Oxyloma retusa are not known to be garden pests, but that's beside the point.)

To look for photos for the article on fireflies she was writing, the author Kathryn Lund Johnson was searching the Internet when she came upon my post. Then she contacted me and asked me if I could provide a photo for her article and the rest is history.

I will take this opportunity to announce to all the authors, editors and publishers out there that the copyrights of all the photographs on this blog (unless an external source is indicated) belong to me and that I will be more than happy to provide you with publishing rights to any one of them. Just send me an e-mail at snailstalesATearthlinkDOTnet. I am sure we can work out a deal.

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