26 August 2006

Saturday afternoon's beer review: Mike's Hard Lime

mikeslimeIf you've been looking for something "refreshingly zesty*" for a humid summer afternoon, look no more. Mike's Hard Lime may be it.

I've already reviewed Mike's Hard Lemonade. This is limeade with 5% alcohol. Once again, it isn't beer, but it is nevertheless a fine beverage. And it is sweet.

I won't bother to link to the company's web site, because the last time I checked it they didn't have much of anything useful.


*My wife's description of it.

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pascal said...

Mike's lemonade is a little too sweet for my taste, but I've not tried the lime.

Jude said...

Mike's Lime really hit's the spot!
It's my new favorite for those HOT day's when i need to chill! Love It!

Ann said...

I should own stock in it by now. There is no comparison and it is really easy to drink. The Lemonade leaves a burning in your throat after 2 but the lime doesn't. It is awesome.

paul said...

where in houston tx. can I buy hard lime I tried Spec ,s Liq. no luck I will buy 6 OR 10 cases at a time PLEASE CALL 404 456 1858 PAUL ROUSE