05 August 2006

Saturday nite's beer review: Melbourn Bros' Spontaneous Fermentation Cherry


This "beer with cherry juice added" comes from Stamford, England. It is dark red, rather sweet and has an intense cherry aroma. But, I wouldn't call it a beer, really. All in all, it is an interesting drink, although the first sip may make you think you are drinking cherry-flavored cough syrup.

Its price is also a bit inflated: a 12-oz bottle was $7.80 at my local store. I bought it mostly out of curiosity. If you come across it cheaper, give it a try.

There is no Web address on the label and I don't feel like googling at the moment. So if you know their Web address, post it in the comments. Also, please enlighten me as to the meaning of "spontaneous fermentation"; it has nothing to do with spontaneous combustion, has it?


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Roger B. said...

The brewery's website was/is at www.melbournbrothers.co.uk/ but it's not avaailable right now.

Candy Minx said...

Just love your beer reviews!!!!!