19 August 2006

The Virgin at large

The BBC reports that a cherished 700-year old icon featuring the Virgin Mary at the monastery of Elona in Greece has been stolen.

According to the news report:

"Many miracles have been attributed to the icon.
Once, during the Ottoman occupation, it is said to have blinded a group of Turkish soldiers who burst into the monastery on a mission to destroy it."

Let that be a lesson to those naughty Turks! How dare they try to violate the Virgin?

But then, a question popped in my mind. If the icon is so powerful, why did it not stop the thieves from stealing itself?

I can think of 3 answers.

a) The Virgin is not good anymore.
b) It is effective only against naughty Turks.
c) It blinded the thieves, but that happened when they were speeding away in their car on one of those "dangerous mountain roads". So, now the car, the thieves and the Virgin are on the bottom of the Aegean, where the latter is slowly dissolving away.

But seriously, even though I am an iconoclast, any 700-year painting is a piece of history that should be preserved. So I hope the missing icon will be recovered soon and returned to where it belongs.


Duane said...

I see from the picture that it was a virgin with child. Amazing! Let's do hope that it is returned. What else will protect Elona against all those blind Turks seeking revenge?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it wanted to be stolen so it could get some peace from the wacko's worshipping it.