03 September 2006

Chick in the water


Last July during our expedition in southwestern Turkey, we spent 2 nites in the small town of Beyağaç. One late afternoon a group of us went on a nature hike thru a vast open rocky field cut by a shallow creek. When we were crossing the creek we noticed this tiny plover chick sitting motionless in the water.

While we were photographing the little birdie, a noisy adult plover appeared and started flying around us in wide circles. As the twilight was settling down on us, it finally landed on a pile of rocks and I was able to take some shots of it using a telephoto lens. From these pictures, my companions later identified the bird as the little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius).


When we returned to the spot where we had seen the chick about 10 minutes earlier, it was gone. Perhaps, it had walked away.

More information on the little ringed plover is available at Birdguides.

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