24 September 2006

A deer, a racoon and maybe a fox


I took this picture yesterday at a muddy spot along the shore of Little Seneca Lake in Black Hill Regional Park not too far from my house. This must be a popular feeding station, for there are superimposed tracks of 3 mammal species: a white tailed deer (yellow arrows), a racoon (green arrows) and a single paw print of possibly a fox (red arrow). Immediately to the left of this spot was a shallow inlet of the lake and both the deer and the fox tracks were disappearing across the inlet.


The above is a closer shot taken from the side. One deer print is on the left, a series of racoon prints are on the right and the fox print is in the middle. The later could instead be a dog print, but I suspect a dog would have left more prints and there would also have been associated human foot prints as there are no stray dogs around here.

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