26 September 2006

Naughty sparrows


Last summer, we spent 2 days in the town of Gömbe in southern Turkey. One morning we arranged for a tractor to take us to the mountain behind the town where we wanted to collect land snails. So there we were sitting in the wagon of our tractor in the middle of the town waiting for someone to finish doing something. (It seems that when you are with a large group, you are always waiting for someone.)

Luckily there were plenty of urban birds around to keep us and our cameras busy. I have already posted about the swallows and their nests. We also spotted these mating house sparrows (Passer domesticus) on some electric cables below the overhang of a roof. My more bird-savvy companions quickly identified the birds and distinguished the male from the female (not that I didn't know that the male bird was the one on top). The male (left, below) is easily identified by its dark bill and breast in comparison to the pale colors of those of the female (right).


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Anonymous said...

Look at his pose! Reminds me the over the glasses look of a judge. Passe domesticus pendomorphus! Or considering the angle you were taking the picture, he noticed you and she-bird wonders about what next looking into his eyes....Umit