25 September 2006

Weekend's snails and other creatures


First there was this Ventridens ligera, a common snail around here. I found this one under some leaves at a very wet spot in the afternoon. There was a long metal pipe inserted into the side of a hill. A long time ago, when the area was farmland, the water coming out of the hill emptied from the pipe into a now rusted, crumbling tub; it was most likely for the farm animals to drink. The farm is long gone, the area is now a park and the pipe is dry, but water still seeps out from among the rocks. Disappointingly, however, my search yielded only this snail.

One nite, after the rain ended, I sneaked into the woods (the park closes at sunset). On such warm, wet nites, I invariably see Anguispira fergusoni climbing on tree trunks. They seem to feed on rotten wood, or perhaps on the fungi that grow on and within such wood, as this one seems to have been doing.


Later, this eastern red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus) made a brief appearance in the light of my headlamp before disappearing into the darkness. According to White & White (Amphibians and Reptiles of Delmarva, Tidewater Publishers, 2002), there are 2 color morphs of this salamander, the red-backed morph, which is what this one is, and the lead-backed morph. In a previous post, I had a picture of the lead-backed morph.


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